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Luetzelberger, Peter2004-12-02 10:21

We have a Acoustat speaker herer, where the electronic circuit does not work. The IC (LM13080) is dead. However this OpAmp is no longer available, and there is no replacement proposed by the manufacturer. What can we do? replace the whole circuit by a 27kHz sinewave generator wit some 20mA output current and approx. 15V output voltage? Or is any equivalent IC known? We tried LM386 (single voltage supply, change pins 1 to 2), but it didn\'t work. Your help is very much appreciated.


Andy Szabo2006-03-29 22:05

Acoustat did have some trouble with early designs of the Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply. The usual symptom was that it simply would not oscillate, and hence produce no bias voltage. Your circuit probably needs upgrading to the new design, with no need to replace the LM13080 (which unfortunately is obsolete). See my Technical Bulletin \"Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply - Update for Spectra Series\" for an easy way to upgrade this circuit. Once modified, the curcuit is very reliable. I\'ve never actually seen a case where the Op Amp itself was bad.

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