, Spectra 2123 interface and older panels

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Paul J. Stiles2005-04-24 04:46

I have a quantity of non-spectra panels that have 5 wires each. I was wondering, if I \"pluck\" the panels, making them the equivalent of spectra panels, can a spectra MK-2123 interface drive four panels in a 2+2 configurarion? Or is this too many panels a MK-2123 interface? Beings each panel is now segmented into two sections, a 2+2 configuration would have four segments from left to right. For the left speaker, going from left to right, I would have a Low segment, a Mid&Low segment, a Full Range segment, and a Mid&Low segment. The right speaker would a mirror image. Thank you, Paul J. Stiles


Andy Szabo2006-03-29 21:33

Five-wire, non-Spectra panels can be converted into Spectra panels by making a break in both wire grids. It\'s not an easy task, and great care must be taken not to harm the Mylar diaphragm. Be sure to insulate the ends of the wires with shrink tubing or a dab of epoxy. The MK-2123 interface was designed to drive a two or three panel system. This is not to say that it cannot drive four panels, but the sectoring crossover points will be off by roughly a factor of two, and you will likely have a bit too much bass boost (even using the orange bass tap). The MK-2146 interface used on Spectra 44/4400 and 66/6600 (four and six panel systems) has a different transformer with less bass boost, as well as different sectoring resistors and capacitors to compensate for the multiple panels. See my Technical Bulletin \"Spectra Series, Bass Equalization, Transformer Taps\" for more details. Schematics are available through this website so you can see the different resistor and capacitor values used in the MK-2146 interface. Assuming you can find the appropriate values to substitute, this project could be worthwhile. Otherwise, I think the results would be dissappointing with a stock MK-2123. The sectoring you describe is correct. See my Technical Bulletin \"Spectra Sectoring & Color Codes\" for a diagram that shows the sectoring arrangement for all Spectra Models (note the diagram is for the right speaker).

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