Spectra 11, Drawings of the cabinets

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Henk Tittel2005-10-30 21:35

Hello all, I have a couple of spectra 11 and thinking to replace the original (ply)wooden cabinets for MDF cabinets so I am very interested in the drawings of those cabinets, further apologise for my poor English but it is not my native language. My Email address is: info@depc-arts.com. Best regards, Henk Tittel


Hans Zeeuwe2005-11-19 11:02

Hello Henk, we have the drawings you are searching for in our archive. You can obtain them via our Manual Exchange program or by ordering the Acoustat CD with information on lots of Acoustat models and other information. Greetings, Hans Zeeuwe, The Audio Circuit

Henk Tittel2006-04-17 10:38

I recieved the manual but couldn\'t find the drawings of the bass cabinets so please if anyone can help me out. Andy Zsabo maybe? Kind regards, Henk Tittel

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