Spectra 11, Wall transformer

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Antonio Neves2006-06-06 19:33

I read on the back of my speaker that the wall transformer could supply 12-15v of AC current, or 15-20v of DC current. Here in Portugal the speakers were supplied with two 15v AC wall transformer, one of which has just failed. I´m having a lot of trouble finding a replacement. Is there any sonnical or other advantage betwwen AC or DC wall transfomer? Do I have to modify anythinng to use DC? Thank you for your attention, Best regards, António


Andy Szabo2006-07-12 10:04

The Spectra speakers can use either an AC or DC wall transformer. There is no sonic difference between the two, nor is any modification necessary to use one or the other. Check the information listed under “repairs’ for possible sources for new wall transformers. The choice is not critical, as the transformer feeds a regulated supply which will eliminate any variances due to incoming voltage (within the specified range, of course). I would suggest replacing both transformers, just so you have a matched set.

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