2-SW-1, information on electronics neded

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Fabio Gasparri2004-02-23 22:22

I\'m the proud owner of a System 2 sw-1 (#660 ?) bought in Bari (south of Italy) maybe 1978 or 1979. I really think that nothing ”sounds” like these speakers.

I was the happiest audiophile until I was able to taste the fantastic sound of this speakers... But unfortunately dust & time are bad companions for electronic device, you know well. Few years ago I replaced the original tubes with other ones, but since then things are no longer the same....

Now I need an help from you: I found in Italy someone really able to handle the circuits of my System 2 ( http://www.audionautes.com) so they can be full tested and some electronic component maybe replaced (vacuum tubes, crossover ? solid state amp?).

This guy at Audionates needs the original brand # of the tubes and every, every available information about the electric circuits. Can you find this document for me? I have no answer from Beveridge.

The most important thing and to have my System 2 running again as when it was ”young”!! Many many thanks and my best regards, Fabio Gasparri


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