ERC-139, bias problems

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Sandy Dhuyvetter2004-02-23 22:24

I have been having problems with the speakers. My friend Jason has taken the boards and tested them to find a couple of problems. The right transformer has a different ohm reading than the transform on the left. Both speakers have bad diodes and there is no output out of the right transformer and we did not test the left. Can you direct me to the manufacturer or someone or a type of service that might know how to repair it? I know you don\'t probably know someone here in SD, but do you know what kind of technican I would look for?


A .david2006-02-22 19:27

Electrostatic Research Corp made the electrostic speaker model ERC-139. These were developed and sold in the mid 70\'s and were designed by A.A. Janszen for ERC. This company later became Dennesen Electrostatic and AAJ went somewhere else to work, and the ERC-139 model was dicontinued (a long time ago). Dennesen continued building better speaker designs with the electrostatic tweeters that ERC developed. So, you may be able to find scematics or old parts by contacting the company in beverly ma if they are still there.

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