Z-410, Schematic needed

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Terry2004-02-24 01:02

I bought a pair of Z410\'s in 1975. My Phase Linear 200 (also purchased at that time) malfunctioned taking out my 10” woofers and upon recent visulization of the internal electronics, looks like the choke and filter caps at least are gone. I currently run a biamped system utilizing a Crown DC300A and D150A with an active frequency divider (Rane). I am very interested with the idea of using the electrostatic portion of the Janzsens to complete the top end but would love to locate a schematic or any/all the details I could with regard to using the power supply without the use of the passive frequency divider portion of the ELS. Also, are there any methods of testing the ELS other than replacing the parts, plugging them in and listening? Do they typically go out with power amp malfunction as did the woofers? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me...I have always loved the Janszens and it\'s great to see others have too! Terry.


Robert2006-04-18 17:38

I have a messy hand drawn schematic of the Janszen Z-410 made by an engineer by looking at the device, with parts values and ohm meter readings. Want it? Email me. It is a TOF file. Also, I am selling a pair of Z-410 worked OK when last used in 2001, grills missing. janszen.22 (put at sign here) neverbox.com

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