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Dan2004-02-24 01:05

Hi I am looking for info on the Janszen Electrostatic Loudspeakers . I have the high frequency transducers in a 64 sq inch box. I would like to build the boxes that match the tweeters. I dont know if they were the model 410 or 412\'s. I guess 410 and 412 means 4 tweeter transducers and one 10 or 12 inch woofer. On the power board there is a cross-over network for the tweeters only. They also could be the Z-1cf ? Thanks, Dan


Robert2006-04-18 17:20

I have a working pair of Janszen Z-410 that I am willing to sell. The have 4 electrostatic panels each with about 8 degrees between them in a pyrimid point, and a 10\" woofer below. I have owned and listened to many electrostatics. This is my favorite balance of imaging, presense, and bass with a practical size and amp (75 watts is enough). The crossover is seemless. Email: janszen.22 (at sign here) neverbox.com

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