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Bob Jones2009-04-14 15:42

Andy, thanks for the reply yesterday regarding the popping I was getting out of one of my panels. Well I totally destroyed that panel, to much heat. My question is, do I buy another set of speakers and than have a ready supply of panels (7) or do I move on to an electrostatic that has a readily available part supply. I have had these speakers for 3 weeks and I won\'t go back to a conventional box speaker. Put your Acoustat prejudice’s aside for just a minute (LOL) and guide me in the right direction.............again thanks........Bob


Andy Szabo2009-04-15 21:49

Replacement Acoustat panels do appear occassionally on eBay, so don\'t give up hope just yet in finding a replacement. Or, you may be able to find a smokin\' deal on a pair of speakers that you could use as a parts source - just about any Acoustat model could be used.

Setting aside my Acoustat prejudice (which admittedly is pretty strong), one does run the risk of not being able to get replacement parts for a brand that is no longer in business. However, some genuine parts are still available from surplus dealers who bought up Acoustat\'s remaining parts inventory (again, see eBay). Also, among ESL brands, Acoustats are definitely the most rugged and long-lived, so your need for replacement parts will be (statistically speaking) rather low.

Admittedly, some currently-produced ESL\'s might provide a certain performance improvement over at least some of the Acoustat models. But in terms of value (i.e. purchase price) I doubt you can find a better sonic value than a pair of used Acoustats.

OK, that might not sound like I put aside my Acoustat prejudice, but I truly believe in what I say. I no longer work for the company or have any financial stake in the brand. I answer questions for Acoustat owners because I believe in the product, and want to see them enjoyed for as many years as possible. I have owned various Acoustat models for over 22 years now, and they still thrill me on a daily basis.

Bob Jones2009-04-16 05:58

Again thanks for the reply..... I went and found and bought a pair of 1+1s for a donor as well as a pair of 3\'s that I will leave alone. Are the 3\'s panels as follows; two 9\" panels and one 8\" panel? The 1+1s have the medallion transformer, can I use that in the 2+2s that I have? And one last question, can I use these speakers on a daily basis with the reliability you so much talk about or because of the age of these speakers they should be used sparingly?

Buying the 1+1 as a donor set will give me the flexibility to have extra\'s to use or to sell to someone that gets in the same situation as find myself in.

Again thanks for sharing the knowledge. My 2+2s are only 3 weeks old to me and I find them to be the most realistic speaker I have had in my system, which is going on for well over 35 years. I have had Magnepan’s, Quad’s and Martin Logan within that period of time and they did not have the bigness that the 2+2’s have, I can’t wait to get them back up and running.

Andy Szabo2009-04-17 03:24

You are correct: the center panel on the Model 3 (and the two center panels on Model 4\'s) are only 8 inches wide, whereas all other standard Acoustat panels are 9 inches wide. These 8 inch panels are the only ones you can\'t use in your 2+2\'s.

Yes, you can use the Medallion transformers from the 1+1\'s in your 2+2\'s. Both use the same MK-121 series interface. The upgrade is definitely worth it. The only difference is the adjustment of the bass-tap on the low-frequency transformer. Red tap for the Model 1+1\'s, yellow tap for the 2+2\'s.

If the interface chassis is the same style on both models, it is a simple matter of swapping out the interfaces. If your 2+2\'s use the older oblong box, then you\'ll have to transfer components from one box to the other.

By no means should you \'use the speakers sparingly\'. They are meant to be played and enjoyed, and will probably sound even better if played frequently. And don\'t be afraid to turn it up when the mood strikes: the 2+2\'s are capable of fairly high SPL. I have found no evidence of any significant degradation of the panels with age, even for panels from Acoustat\'s earliest models from the 70\'s. As long as they are cared for and kept reasonably clean, they should provide many more years (or even decades)of excellent performance.

This extremely long lifespan is certainly not the case with most ESL\'s, and even some dynamic speakers fall apart after 10-20 years (think rotten woofer surrounds!). This is yet another reason I help Acoustat owners: I get to monitor the speakers\' long term performance, and if I can help to \'cheat death\' for a few speakers with my repair and restoration advice, all the better!

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