Kappa 8.1, What power source do I need?

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Mike2009-09-17 01:14

Hi I just picked up some used kappa 8.1\'s only to be told that these bad boys need serious power. Now I know nothing about home audio, I think newbie is where I stand, but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am trying to add these to a home theater that only has a kenwood 100 watt receiver. I don\'t know if a new receiver or adding an amp would be my best bet.



Manny Fernandez2010-03-04 18:23

I have the Kappa 9.1 and the 7.1 as well as the subs ssw210 and ssw212. They are superb speakers. They do require some power. I am currently using a denon 5308ci with puts out about 150 watts per channel. That is on the lower end. I had at one time a carver 250 watt amp per channel driving these speakers and they really sang. The original Kappa 9s were so power hungry that I understand the impedience dipped to 1 ohm in a couple of places. You would need a supper amp to power that. For your situation you want an amp that can dip down to 6 ohm impedience preferably 4 ohm. That starts increasing the costs. If you already have a AVR that you are happy with consider adding an external amp and run from your AVR using its pre-outs to the amp and then to the Kappa 8.1s.


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