MX-P-88, Can\'t find the right parts

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Ludovic Mirabel2004-02-29 00:24

One of the flame-carrying ”pins” in my plasma tweeter became unusuble through age. Magnat in Germany continue making speakers. They are now part of Recoton Corp but they no longer make these very expensive speakers AND INCREDIBLY neither they nor Recoton HAVE PARTS FOR THEM. What I need is a small part which was made to order for that exotic tweeter exclusively. Without it it is unusuble. I would appreciate help in contacting someone who possibly has or knows where to get this part or how to make a substitute.


Larry Anderson2004-02-29 00:26

Dear Ludovic, I understand you are the proud owner of an MP88 speaker set of Magnat. Ever since I was a kid I loved to listen to these speakers at my local HiFi shop. Sorry to hear that your plasma tweeters are defect and Magnat does not provide you with spares. Sorry for you but I do not have any spares either. But if you ever would like to sell these defect speaker please let me know. I love to have them even if it was only for decoration!

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