KD-47-F, Turntable

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Mike Toole2006-12-23 02:32

I haven\'t used my turntable in quite a while (actually it\'s been a couple years) and recently I tried to play an album. The album played OK for a couple of songs and then the turntable began acting erratically. While a record is playing, the turntable will sometimes slow down, then play normally, and sometimes even stop. I thought it might have been a stretched drive belt (I bought the unit in 1989) so I bought a new belt and installed it. The same problem exists after installing a new belt. The turntable doesn\'t always slow down (or stop) the same way each time I try it - sometimes it will work normally longer than other times. It does, however, begin to slow down and eventually stop whenever I use it now - it just does it at different intervals so it\'s hard to figure out what\'s causing the problem. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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