KRV-9010, Watt output?

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Eric Evans2008-05-18 18:07

I have this receiver, can you please tell me the watts per channel this receiver puts out.


Rich2008-08-18 15:14

Hello I have the kenwood kr v 6010,which(from what I understand) is another model # for yours. If this is correct the watts are 70 per channel.Hope this

Cnh2008-09-12 01:49

I own the KRV 9020 which I assume was the next year model. The unit is rated 130 watts/channel from 20-20,0000hz at 8 Ohms RMS with no more than .008 percent total harmonic distortion. In stereo, that is. It can also power 4 ohm loads since it has a switch on its backside for that. And is rated at 5amps wall current which means that it can draw up to 600 watts from you wall socket. My amp is an early Dolby Pro-logic with no POWER to the central channel but 20 watts to each of the rear channel, this small power supply for rears was common in the early 90s. Actually the 9020 is one hell of a STEREO amp when all is said and done. Prodigious POWER..a true 130 watts per channel that will power anything and rattle your walls. Mine is 18 years old and is powering a pair of Polk Towers and it has more than enough POWER To make the SCREAM...with CLEAN LOUD SOUND! I\'d assume that 9010 has similar specs since this was a top of the line Kenwood back then, just underneath their HIGH END LINES that started at over 1000 dollars in 1990? A really nice unit. Worth holding onto for its stereo PROWESS alone or as a power amp for rears? Hope this helps....

Robert Lee2008-10-11 22:30

I have the krv 6010 and it does a fine job. I found it on the street one day and took it home and left it outside in one winters weather and rain. I used it as a doorstop on the patio for a time. One day I hooked it up and found out it was in perfect working order, and it still is. I love the way it works for me as a monitor, and radio, and amp for my double tape machine on the patio which I use to dub music to cd blanks. I\'d like to find the operating manual for it online if that is possible and also I\'d like to find a remote for it if one is availa ble at a reasonable cost It is not only strong and hearty, but indestructible as well.

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