Cornwall, Building cabinets, need dimensions

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Bob Sacco2004-02-28 22:34

I currently own all the components of the Klipsch Cornwall II. Finding someone to sell me the empty the orignial speaker cabinets has proven too difficult.

Do anyone happen to know a source of where I could find the original dimensions of the cabinet so that I could build the cabinets myself? And yes, I\'ve already tried Klipsch...they were no help. Or perhaps, do you have any suggestions on possibly improving the cabinet...might as well if I have to rebuild from scratch. Thanks, Bob Sacco.


Marty2004-02-28 22:34

I too have the same cabinet problems as Bob Sacco, only I own all the components of the Klipschhorns. Finding the original speaker cabinets has proven too difficult. They work beautifully, but I\'d like them to be finished. If you run into any plans, I\'d be grateful. Thanks, Marty.

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