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Brandon2010-09-13 07:28

so i got your mp3 player but the model is no longer in stock can you tell me were i can get the new up grade at.


Brandon2010-09-13 07:31

i just got the ifp_795 and i can not up grade or put new music in it i would like to know were i can find the new modle

Sasha2015-09-04 18:29

Proposal for the sale of new technology
"Auditory Audio Codec."

The Auditory codec is intended for audio coding in the areas of IP-telephony, radio and TV, IT applications.
The well-known audio codecs as FLAC, ALAC, MLP and others provides digital music signal compression ratio with lossless auditory audio quality of about 2, the Auditory codec - of about 15-50:
1. 192 kHz / 24 bit â of about 15;
2. 384 kHz / 24 bit â of about 30;
3. 384 kHz / 32 bit â of about 50.
The Auditory codec is based on extraction of auditory parameters from the audio signal, encoded by human auditory system and this is proved by means of codecâs software model.
If used the Auditory codec, will make possible of about 15-50 fold:
- reduction in the frequency band required for transmission of HD-Audio;
- reduction in the size of HD-Audio for its transmission and storage;
- increase the speed of downloading HD-Audio from the Internet.

If you are interested, I'll be glad to answer all your questions.

Yours sincerely, Vladimir,
One of Authors of the Technology
Email: kvn1977@ukr.net

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