PL-5-U, Amplification suggestion?

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Mike Peshkin2004-03-20 15:07

My father recently passed away and I found a pair of Planex sound panels that he\'d had for quite some time (Model PL-5-U) Made in Argentina by Bertagni for Fisher. A friend and I hooked them up to some cheap electronics and were rather impressed. They\'re like new! If you know of these speakers, can you suggest amplification, i.e. what types/brands might produce better sound? I write for Positive Feedback online and I\'m looking forward to writing about the entire experience (I\'ve known the speakers were there in his house for well over 20 years, but never really looked at them, thinking they were some cheap \"pretty things\" with some cheap paper cone drivers attached to the back of the plywood panel...imagine my surprise when I finally took a good look at them!). Any info would be appreciated! Mike Peshkin, reviewer, Positive Feedback


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