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Riad Haider2010-09-23 13:49

When I was in college in Dallas, Texas. I bought a pair of Amrita Audio speakers in 1995. I believe they were around 1200 USD at that time.

Now I live in China, and I'd like to bring them over here, I really miss my speakers. Recently I ve heard a lots of good things about them. I wonder how much would it cost to pack and ship them from Houston to Hong Kong.....haha. I know I am a dreamer.

I left them in my friend's home with 2 boys. I just hope that they are OK........(sigh)

Truly yours


James2010-12-13 06:59

Hi Riad,

I agreed with you on Amrita Audio.I was also in same situation with you where I was studied in US in early 1990's.As we aware off students have very limited budget....hahaha.However I did managed to listen and demo some of their models.Most of them were totally out of my range, high end ranging from USD400 to USD2000 at that time, in 1990's.Just imagine how much its cost if still available nowadays.
I was really amazed by the sound they produced, a true my cup of tea.For months a stress my savings and I managed to buy its wonderful walnut finished Amrit Motif bookshelf speakers.It cost me USD599 when I bought it in 1993.Bring back home eagerly,excited to listen to its performance with my system.I was glued on my coach once I set up these Amrit Motif speakers with my system.I never thought it can easily be driven with decent 40 watts NAD intergrated amplifier.So amazed by its bass,deep yet not boomy.Vocal clarity was so sweet,soundstaging just like being there and imaging was outstanding.What else can I say,money wisely spend.


Riad Haider2011-05-17 14:17

Do you know that the company went out of business, because of a bad flood swept the whole company in Kansas?
I wish those engineers get together again Keep me posted please. My email is >>>>> hexagontc@yahoo.com

Don Macfarlane2013-04-11 19:42

I have inherited a pair of Amrita Allegra speakers but have no tech. data on them. I know they are about 20 years old but have not hooked them up until I can find out true input impedance?

Dion 2014-01-27 02:11

Hey Amirita fans best speakers ever the company that made them were in Iowa they went under don't know why. I bought a pair about 1995 they came in a beautiful piano white enamel finish they were around $4000 very high priced I lost them in a divorce. I would love to find another pair.

Scott2014-02-09 12:50

Amrita was a great speaker company. I have a pair of References and Heartland Towers. The Heartland Towers are for sale if any one is interested.

Craig Sapp2014-04-07 03:59

I'm looking to purchase a pair of Heartland Towers if anyone has a pair for sale.

Chris Mcmahon2015-03-25 05:49

I have a pair of Heartland Towers for sale. I am in Kansas City, Mo. They are the gloss black coating just like a piano. If anyone is interested please text or call 913-707-5344

Thank you

Bob2016-09-20 15:45

I have a pair of reference standards in piano black not only do they sound great ,they look as good as they sound. I still remember the cost (3900.00)we are down sizing and if any one has an interest in them please contact me at 708 825 7275

Marie2018-01-13 17:45

I have a pair of Amrita tower speakers, im trying to get rid them of but have no idea how much they are worth..i was watching a feed on audiokarma, and saw a pic of them, it said they were Hi Fi 3 ?? and a number on the back 007288, they are beautiful speakers, if anoyone could help id be thankful.

Craig 2018-01-13 18:11

Marie, I’m very familiar with the Amrita speaker line including the MSRP from the 90’s and the approx repair cost if they aren’t in perfect condition. I’m also looking to purchase a pair if they are in great shape.

Mark2018-01-31 21:47

Bob, I tried calling that 708 area code number and no luck. If you accidentally put in wrong number please let me know as I am interested

Jamie Bruntmyer2018-04-05 14:28

FOR SALE,I have a pair of very good sounding amrita towers. Not for sure of model number. Light oak in color.they have a 10" woofer, mid-range,and tweeter. They are perfect in every way.Call Jamie at eight16 -3one3-7270. I'm located in Independence,mo. $500.00 O.B.O.

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