, pop away success?

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Frank Murphy2011-05-13 18:29

i have read several accounts of how to solve the occasional popping of panels -vacuuming, compressed air, slapping, and many reports of failing to solve the problem using any and all of these techniques. I have noticed that just placing my hand on the grille cloth hard enough to contact the grid will induce a pop. my question: does anyone know of even one report of success in making to pops go away?


Mike Sa2012-09-08 21:13

Yes, any (or combination) of the above will work. I have successfully de-popped both Acoustats and Soundlabs with thorough vacuuming only. Acoustats M-3 have been playing for the last 15 years without popping ever again; Soundlabs A2x I only have for about 6 months and they have been free of pops since day one when they have been vac-ed. I have even been able to increase the bias on them significantly without reintroducing the pops. But, YMMV - you might have a really bad luck of stator insulation being damaged in which case nothing will help except locating the fault and fixing the insulation.

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