FM-4, How to replace battery that holds presets?

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Bill Mccormack2004-03-03 17:39

I have a Quad FM4 and the battery that enables the storage of the channel presets is dead, so all the presets disappear when I turn it off. Can I replace this battery?


Andy2004-05-04 15:21

Yes. The replacement type you require and the mounting method used may differ between the earlier and later revisions of the FM4. I have one of the later revisions, so this information relates accordingly.

If you have a soldering iron, solder and some experience it is quite straightforward.

Disconnect all cables from the FM4, especially the mains power cable! Remove the outer cover by unscrewing the two screws located in the shorter left and right-hand sections of the cover at the rear of the unit. The cover then slides off towards the back of the FM4. Viewing the internals of the FM4 with the front panel facing towards you, you should see a square, open topped plastic unit containing the battery, located in the centre at the left-hand end of the circuit board. The two wires soldered to the battery terminals should be visible. Turn the unit over. They connect to the circuit board, which is clearly marked on the underside with 'Battery' and '+ & -'
The holder unit that the battery is located in is held in place by a single screw from the underside of the circuit board. The battery itself appears to be held inside the unit by a double-sided adhesive foam strip, but I am not certain of this. I suggest unsoldering the wires from the circuit board and then unscrewing and removing the holder unit from the circuit board before trying to prise out the battery, to avoid potential damage to the board itself.
New batteries are available from, (Tel 08701 200 200) Farnell Order Code: 390-7235 (Varta Code: 4/V110HT, in case you want to try elsewhere). Price: £4.66 I think this is ex-VAT. I read a post on Geocities stating that Quad were charging £23.40 for this part!!! Go figure! If your unit is older, please confirm this part is the correct type before ordering, by checking the existing battery part code.

As I stated, this information relates to my later version of the FM4. I do not have an early model for comparison in case of modifications related to the battery type, position or method of mounting.





Above some pictures of my unit and the battery that may be of some help. I also have a service manual if you get stuck. Good luck!

Jose2006-11-30 18:14


Bill Mac2007-01-17 17:23

Hi Andy, Thanks for the info - I will take it apart and check the battery number. I have an account with Farnel so that\'s cool. Thanks again - I will let you know how I get on. Bill Mac

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