, Modern amps combined with QUAD-ESL-63

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Henri Prins2006-03-22 10:21

Sirs, which modern amps could I combine with my Quad ESL 63\'s? regards from HP.


Raymond2006-06-07 12:40

Electrostatic loudspeakers have different requirements to that of Moving Coil types and because MC\'s dominate the HiFi market, not that many modern (transistor) amps were designed with ESL\'s in mind... However, an impedance-stable design with a high powersupply voltage from about 25-tot-50 Volts could do well with the excellent ESL 63. Quad did of course design a few good aplifiers for use with this loudspeaker themselves and all of these incorporate Current Dumping. The venerable 303 is not ideally suited. The Quad II can in fact be used, if done with the right mindset (NOT to loud!!). Reports of the Bryston 4B being a good partner have reached me but I\'m not sure about the tonal implications. Linn\'s LK 2, LK 280 and Klout work well, as do some Audio Research amps, namely the D 240 solid state and the Classic 60/V 70 amps. A friend has had good results with Musical Fidelity although I cannot tell you first hand about any sonic qualities. Good luck, Raymond

Hans Zeeuwe2006-06-07 19:14

Also check out the Reviews section on the ESL-57 page. There is a lot of info on amplifiers with the ESL-57 most of which also goes for the ESL-63. The ESL-63 is in fact a lot easier to drive.

Mark Bond2007-03-23 16:16

Obviously a modern quad amp is excellent with the 63\'s, especially the Quad II forty! However, I have had fantastic results with older valve amps like the LEAK 20. The Quad 405 also works very well as does the 606.

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