ESL-57, Comparing the 57 to the 2905

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Arnaud2007-06-14 12:11

Dear Sir , I saw on your web site that you were carrying both speaker from quad , the 57 and the 2905 . I am currently owning a pair of refurbished 57 and i would like to know if the 2905 could represent a real upgrade for my system . Thank you for your help , regards, Arnaud .


Hans Zeeuwe2007-06-17 14:53

Hello Arnaud, Unfortunately we only have the 57 in a stacked configuration. From what I have read they are a major step forward. In my opinion the only way to find out is to get yourself a pair of 2905 and have them set up in your home for an evalution. Or, if this is not possible, go and listen to the 2905 extensively in a good hifi shop. Have fun, Hans

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