ESL-2905, Iiisssssss sound

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Aramando Santos2008-06-20 17:13

Please try to help me. I have a new pair of Quad ESL-2905, 3 month old, and lately a noise appeared in one of them. It´s a kind of iiisssssss, audible at 1 meter distance. The other speaker is almost dead quiet. This noise is present even when the amplifier is OFF. Also, after being playing for a while this noise grows and becomes variable, rooonniisssroonnn. Have you ever knew a case like this? What could it be? I don´t want to believe that they are faulty� Their typical fantastic sound remains unchanged. Best regards.


James Blank2010-11-17 14:47

It looks like there is something trapped inside the panel which causes a path between the stator and the membrane. This can result in a discharge of the panel causing this hissing sound. I am not familiar with the 2905 so I don't know if the still have dustcovers. We had Final ESL's over here without dustcovers and this hissing occured quite often. Simply vacuum cleaning them - with care of course - would do the trick.

If they do have dustcovers, I think best thing to do is to send the speaker to your dealer for professional repair.

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