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R. Hillen2011-07-12 10:08

Since a few days I am the proud owner of beautiful Quad equipment, and I wondered if there are more Quad lovers around here?

Please use this topic to share your experiences and show us why you love Quad!

I got myself a Quad 99 CD-P and a Quad 909, and so far I am enjoying more each day!


Bart J.2011-07-12 11:06

Since the mid-70s up until three years ago I used a Quad 33. The first 20 years as a preamp in my main system, then I used it in the kitchen. It was slightly modified: bypassed balance control and better resistors and diodes. The only two things I needed to repair over thirty years were a soldering on a PCB that was causing a loose connection, and the little backlight from the logo on the front ;). Then three years ago it began to falter, so I replaced it by a second-hand 44.

The 33 - and later the 44 - were connected to a 405-2 since the early '80s , which had the power capacitors replaced due to leakage of power. The unit will only power off when I go on holiday, meaning it has been on for over 25 years... The speakers are one-way DIY's from Audio & Techniek (a company based in The Netherlands) - an easy load for an amplifier that doesn't deliver that much power.

Last but not least: 30 years ago a friend of mine had some Quad ESL's. In some ways I never heard more beautiful sound. Incomparable.

Jaffa2011-07-12 11:17

What a nice topic!

I too have been infected by the Quad virus.. Currently enjoying the folllowing setup:

Quad 99 CDP-2
Quad 99 Pre Amp
Quad 99 Stereo

Not only the sound is beautiful, the simple design is great too!

Chope2011-07-12 11:36

My first set was the Quad II amplifier with a Quad 22 preamp, Quad FM tuner and Quad ESL speakers. After some time I replaced the preamp and tuner for the newer Quad 44 and FM-4, and even later by the Quad 66 and FM-6! After these I upgraded to preamps and tuners from other brands, but I continued to use the Quad II and ESL's.

A few years ago I had the chance to replace the Quad II's with their 24-carat Anniversary edition for the 65th anniversary of Quad. Great amps that I had to let go (with pain in my heart) because they did not have enough power (2x 15W) for my new speakers ... The Quad ESL-988 =)

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