11-L, What front speakers?

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Penumbra2011-07-12 12:28

I'm considering to change my Home Theater set and combine it with my stereoset.

I wanted to do this by connecting a separate amplifier with CD player to my receiver. I was thinking of getting a Musical Fidelity A3.5 or Advance Acoustic MAP 407 as amplifier, but I am open to any suggestions. The main reason I came up with these two options was because they can easily be combined with my Marantz SR8500.

My first thoughts on the fronts were to get Quad 22L's to match my 11L's for surround sound. Although the 22L is often said to be comparable with speakers from a much higher price range, I still want to look around for more options.

Can anyone help met with suggestions to match the Quad 11L's? I have around €3000,-


Mlevd2011-07-12 12:31

Why don't you pick up 2 more 11L's and a nice subwoofer?
In my opinion the 11L is a very good stereo speaker.

Vincent2011-07-12 12:35

I would go for two 12L's instead of those 11L's. They sound way more spaciousness and just sound much "bigger". If you go for the 22L's please keep in mind they need more space than the others. If your listening room isn't that big you won't get the full potentional out of 22's!

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