909 Stereo, Standby function?

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Peter2011-07-12 13:35

Since Saturday I am the proud and happy owner of the 909 amp! It sounds great, but I bet you all knew that already...

I do have one question: I have a P-99-CD Siltech interconnect connected to the 909. This is of course much better than the Quad Link, but now the 909 is permanently on. There is no standby button, just an on/off switch on the back. The on/off switch would be a problem with cooling down and warming up of the amp, so what can I do? Just leave it on? Wouldn't that cost lots of energy?

I hope to hear from you guys soon so I can fix this.


Peter2011-07-12 13:43

I just got back from my hifi dealer (had to pay the second half) and I asked him the same question. His advise: just leave it on. This is best for the quality of the sound, it normally takes around 4 hours to get warmed up and be at its full potentional. He even advised to leave the CD player on at all times!

Gorp2011-07-12 13:45

The on/off button is placed on the back so people are less likely to turn the amp off, since Quad designed this amp to stay on. I would only turn it off when you know you will not use it for more than a day.

Peter2011-07-12 13:48

Hey Gorp, thanks for your reply!

I will take your advise and just switch it off when I go on vacation, there practically is no other day I don't use my system ;)

Jason2011-07-12 13:57

A small addition:

I used the 606 power amplifier (which also has an off/on switch on the back) for years with the 606 preamp, and the preamp was able to turn the power amplifier on and off.


When the preamp was on standby, the power amp was off. When the preamp was on, the power amp was on. It's as simple as that! Just saying that Quad assumed you wanted to put the amp on/off.

Peter2011-07-12 14:01

Dear Jason,

I think your system worked with the Quadlink, that makes the amp go in standby mode. However, I didn't use the Quadlink but an analog interconnect. So in my case the amp doesn't know when the CD player is going in standby mode.


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