ESL-63, esl 63 - se 845 project

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Victor Dascalescu2015-01-07 10:43

I am an old fan of electrostatics and tube amps, but not an electronics expert .
I am working to a new project coupling as direct as possible my esl 63 to a se amp.
My goal is to eliminate the autput trafo from the se and to use instade the two trafos of the esl 63 with the prim rewinded.
Do you have any idea or info about that practice?
This is some of my ideea regardig that matter.... which is killing me from long time ago, when I own my first pair of esl 57...but was stupid to sell them after a nice fire-work while listening Pictures in an Exibition ... was a prity sad event.
In breef, a had allready pourchased for my project two pairs of original trafo (doble C) from desasembled esl 63 and I am still studing how to mach their primary (rewinded and gap maching) to some se schematic. Some people are right not to modify the 63, but I' ll do it let say gently considering that the two trafo secondary in the original schematic are in is like I' ll be using 845 SE which can hanle some 25W with 70mA in 11Koms
I had recently have a close look om one of the four trafo I bought and they are very simplist, the bobin is not alternate multylayer but the section is very generose 12cm2 and is a lott of free window to wind the new prim without unwinding the original sec.
What I am not shure, is how to calculate the primary windings and the gap considering the two primary bobin has to be in paralel and the sec shal be in series, as I don't want to cahnge too much of the original concept of the esl 63 .


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