280-D, Looking for a set pair to purchase.

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Jim2010-07-16 21:14

I am interested in finding a good pair of these RTR 280D or even the RTR300D speakers. Also would like to hear from anyone that has or had them , even if they are not wanting to give them up! Just looking for information about these speakers. Thanks


Jim2012-02-15 03:42

I have 2 pairs of the RTR 280D speakers. They are heavy.. but have great BASS. I bought a pair in 74 and my cousin bought a pair. I bought his sometime later.


David J. Rathman2012-04-26 03:38

I currently have a pair of 280DR's, they start my rTr tower system. Since the rTr 280 DR is a tower speaker I put them on the bottom. On top of them is a set of 180D's, & on top of them is a set 0f the 88D's. With a set of rTr ESR-6's electrostats on top of them. I have been an rTr fan since the first time I listened to them back in 1968. They were an expensive speaker back then but well worth the money. My first pair was the 180D which I bought new in 1973 from a stereo shop in Edina MN. called Audio King. I still have these speakers & there in the middle of my tower design. Back to the 280 DR. This speaker is big & heavy. it emits sound from 4 seperate surfaces & has 4 10inch woofers. one on each side except the back & one pointing down. They also have 6, 4 inch tweeters. 2 on the left, two on the right & one on top of the woofer in front. The tweeter below the 10 inch woofer in front is a super tweeter & I forget what it's called, super pietzeo or something. I am not really interested in selling them, but if the price is right anything is possible. If you save rTr in a search on ebay, you will find yourself a pair. About twice a year a pair will come up for sale. Please remember that they are a big, heavy speaker so shipping will be costly. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that I may be able to answer for you. Herkymeyer@gmail.com

David J. Rathman2014-10-03 02:46

Please send the monthly TAC newsletter

David J. Rathman2014-10-03 02:46

Please send the monthly TAC newsletter

Gary2019-02-05 20:34

I have a pair of RTR 280D speakers I would love to to sell.

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