, What to their website?

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D.f. Geister2007-01-18 00:23

Does anyone know what happened to ESS\'s website? They used to provide detailed information about their products which I cannot get anywhere else. I purchased a pair of AMT 1 C recently and as I\'m planning to get a new amp I need some information about the speaker\'s range beforehand. Has anyone got an idea? I\'d appreciate it a lot!


Jon Aaron2007-02-02 07:31

ESS closed their United States doors in April of 2006. Previously located in Sacramento, Ca., it is heard that they moved to Belguim or Germany. Any follow-up would be appreciated as we all have inquiries at hand. If you require info on the range of the 1C pyramid line, please contact me at las.trampas@gmail.com

Joseph2011-01-29 07:27

they have re-opened in southern california usa and are now building inferior heil tweeters to the originals. they do not sound as clear and bright as the old ones. too much money for a bad sounding heil.

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