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Clayton Dynes2007-08-25 07:52

It\'s friday nite, August 24, 2007, my wife and I are relaxing after a 60 Hr work week, listening to our stereo we purchased back in 1979. \"What, 1979, Kind of tell\'s our age\"! The stereo... a Yamaha CR-840 receiver (340 watts), ESS Tempest Speakers, (Clarity at its best), set-up with a 20 Channel MXR Mixer! I can\'t begin to tell you how many memories, hours, not to mention styles, (since 1979) of music we and this stereo have listen to. Back in 1997, after our ESS Speakers have seen many enjoyable hours, began to show alot of wear and tear... The Woofer Gaskets had dried out and the Passive Radiators were shot, we had them repalced. By 1997 our teenage son smoked the tweeter on one of the speakers. Needless to say it was a very sad day! It turns out I can\'t get a replacement tweeter from ESS, their out of business or have moved from California...I can\'t find information. (\"what...No tweeter... I\'m gonna kill or sell the Kid...!\") Sooo... we went speaker shopping...\"Wow the prices\" In my opinion, nothing compared. In 1979 my wife and I took out a considerable loan to purchase a stereo system that was considered one of the best at the time. (you know keeping up with the jones\') Our first loan...we ate beans... to pay for this system. Back to shopping... we both felt we could\'nt spend the price stereo companies were asking for replacement speakers, they just did\'nt have the same sound we were used to for so many years... Sooo... we have been listening to speakers without one tweeter. After all this time, it was decided to put the old speakers in the attic...back to shopping. We spent many hours shopping and listening to everything on todays market. We have been to the High End stereo shops, with the nice sound rooms, add the extremly expensive, \"Butt-Kicker-Leather reclining sofas... listening to speakers, with a price tag of $3,000.00 each. \"I\'m sorry - they just don\'t have the same great sound that my loyal ESS have given for the past 28 years. Ok, let\'s send our speakers to the Audio Doctor...\"What no tweeters!\" Back to the Attic...another very sad day! Again, back to 8/24/07, Friday Nite... the spearker come out of storage, they get hooked-up, we stand in front of the speakers... the music flows through... We look at each other, and the room fills with great sadness... our beautiful speakers are still broke. Here is the motive to our plea for help! Sounds silly I know, but there is something about two older folks pulling those magic speakers out of dust retirement to give just one last attempt to bring beautiful music to our marriage... Help us find a tweeter for our ESS Bookshelf - Tempest speakers... to keep joy in a couple married 29 years... take us back to 1979.


Ed Tulip2007-10-10 01:15

How much would you pay? I have a pair with blown wooofers, but I can replace them easily enough. On the other hand I need cash. The tweeters are in pretty good shape, I don\'t know if they are an exact match. Send phot if possible. (Your begging makes me want to keep these for myself) but $$$ talks.

Clayton Dynes2007-08-25 07:52

i have a pair of ess tempest, they are in very good condition.i want to sell them because, i want a smaller pair speaker. if you wood like to buy them emall me back

Joseph2011-01-29 07:19

I have your replacement parts for all Tempest series speakers. tradjazz@gmail.com

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