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Tom Scata2006-07-10 20:45

I have a very good picture of the Fostex GZ-2001 & GZ-1001. These are what you have listed as models RP-2001 & RP-1001. If you\'d like me to send you the photos let me know... Thetubeguy1954 (Tom Scata)


Tom Scata2006-07-10 20:45

Hey I would love you to send me the pictures and all the information you have on the fostex GZ2001 and GZ1001. Best regards Kristof

Abbie Delgado2012-09-13 19:53

I still have the same stereo that was bought at Sears back in 1995-96. I just hooked it back up to the speakers after about 10 years and it sounds great!

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