SFI-25, price?

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Duc2009-08-07 05:02

I'd like to know how much they are worth these days?


Nils2009-11-05 20:24

copied from \"grammophone\" magazine 1965, an articel rewieving a London HiFi fair:
A true newcomer this year was SF1 (Sawafuji Ireland), a Japanese
company which recently set up European headquarters in Cork, Ireland.
European designers have been working on models to produce a \'European
sound\' but at the heart of the SFI speakers are patented flat-wave
drive, units. These have distributedmagnet configurations in various
combinations of Dynapleat units and ferrofluid soft dome tweeters,
and a resultant bipolar emission pattern. I reacted favourably on a
quick listen to the SFI-25 (£550) and SFI-35 (£750) systems.

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