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Ed Larsen2007-08-29 03:20

Looking for a pair of S-50\'s. They featured the Nesterovic woofer system and the planar ribbon tweeter. I have (4) Heathkit AA-1800\'s begging to power them! I have a pair of 30\'s I use sometimes for full range but primarily as subs for my Bohlender RD 75\'s. The 30\'s sound incredible all by themselves so I NEED to try the 50\'s!!! Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Mike2007-11-27 03:58

Ed- I\'d like to know about those amplifiers you have. I have a pair of 50s. I only have a small Concept 11.0 amplifier (110wpc, small in comparison of the 350watt max of the 50s). It\'s a good amp, but it is not enough power for these speakers, especially since I need to run separates. I also need an electronic crossover. What kind of power do those amplifiers have? I\'d like to use older gear, or something that was available in the 70\'s or 80\'s that can power speakers of this output. Have you found a pair of 50s yet? I have been looking on eBay and the surrounding craigslist ads, for Speakerlab gear, but have yet to see any other 50s. I wonder how many were sold. Finding information about them is very hard, unless you talk to Speakerlab people or someone who knows about Nestorovich Labs. Are you only looking to buy, or are you looking for general information? I have pictures and that sort of thing that I\'d be happy to share if you have an email address.

--scott--2007-11-27 18:44

Hello, I have an original pair of Speakerlab 50\'s. I purchased this pair of only (75) sets ever produced. All original drivers except for carbon-fiber mids which Speakerlab did for me about 1986, along with a realy nice job of modifiying the speakers to be bi-amped. I found them to be the most awseome speakers I have ever heard so I stored them about 1995 to be brought out at another time. Would be interested in selling. I even have the original Slab receipts and manuals for them. They are blonde w/ original clear Tupperware Nestorovich \"Passive Radiator Delta- Hybrid Five\" woofer w/built-n sub system. Powered by four Harmon Kardom Citation 16\'s - These old speakers could blow out a match from across the room! --SCOTT--

Ed Larsen2008-02-05 21:50

Scott, Please contact me!!!! Floortoms@aol.com Thanks! Ed

Ed Larsen2008-02-05 21:57

Hey Mike, My heathkit AA-1800 Amps are rated at 250 Watts per channel in 8 ohms. I can tell you from experience and from old Stereo Review articles, that is VERY conservative. In fact, the amplifiers benched tested for Julian Hersch at over 500 Watts per channel in the 80\'s in 8 ohms, and over 800 watts in 4 ohms! They are extremly powerful and should have no trouble driving the 50\'s. I have driven speakers with 4 ohm impedances effortlessly with these amplifiers. For a crossover on my ribbons, I use the Heathkit AD-1702 from the same model line. I have it set at 150HZ, which is the cut off for the ribbon and when the Nestorovic woofer system in the 30\'s will do there magic! I SO WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE 50\'s! I am still looking. Sure, if you have any information you would like to send, it would be appreciated! As for my amps and crossover, I found it all on EBAY. The amps regularly sell for about $400-$500 each. The crossover you can get for $200-$300. If you want to go another route, the company MARCHAND makes what I think is a decent crossover as well in KIT or ASSEMBLED. Thanks! Ed Floortoms@aol.com

Ed2008-02-18 13:59

Anyone have a pair of Speakerlab S 50\'s for sale?

Dana Olson2008-07-10 22:33

Well, I bought the \"50s\" from -SCOTT- and they were really delta hybrid I Type 5\'s not actual 50\'s. In case anyone is wondering, 50\'s have the Nestorovic crossover and the delta hybrid\'s have a design using a 40 ohm 12\" woofer directly in parallel with the 10\" driver. A work around of the Nestorovic patent. So to summarize, I have not found any 50\'s for sale :)

Ed2008-07-27 21:08

I know he was selling his ... yes Delta Hybrid 5\'s. How much did you pay? Just curious. How do they sound?

Ed Larsen2007-08-29 03:20

Hi Ed, I paid $1400. Probably too much, but who cares. The foam in all the drivers cracked and fell out on car ride home to my house. I\'ve now replaced all the foam and got to listen for the first time last night. They sound great. I think I just answered your craigs list add. You are welcome to come take a listen.

Ed Larsen2014-02-03 01:41

Still looking for a pair of Fifty's. Will pay top dollar. Anyone on here considering selling yours? Drop me an email. Floortoms@aol.com

Ed Larsen

Mike Eckert2016-09-01 16:04

I have a very nice pair of S-50 Speakerlabs. All original drivers and the woofers have been refoamed professionally. Also the grills are original and in excellent condition. I also have the original owners manual. I listen to them every day and prefer them to my B&W 801 S3 speakers. I have them bi-amped with a pair of Yamaha MX-1000u amps. I doubt that I have ever put more than 20 watts to them. I suppose I would sell them for the right price but I really don't know what they are worth. Mike

Ed Larsen 2016-09-01 16:24

Hey Mike,

Send me an email and we can talk. Thanks. Ed

Ed Larsen2017-01-17 21:57


Send me an email. Floortoms@aol.com



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