DDX-1000, incorrect speed

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Jean-claude Louia2004-02-29 02:36

I have a Micro Seiki DDX-1000. I bought it new and it ran for years without any problems. It was stocked for four years in a dry environment. I now reinstalled it. The platter isn\'t running at the right speed. . What to do now? Is it possible to obtain the schematics circuits of it ? Cordialement, Jean-Claude LOUIA


Tom Weiby2004-02-29 02:36

Hi..Had the same problem, and changed to new potentiometers for the platter speed. It`s been working fine since then, and that was 7 years ago. Best regards, Tom Weiby

Kristof Wo2010-04-22 13:17


Where have you find your potentiometers ?
Best regards


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