AF-829, Replacement Cartridge

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Karen2008-09-14 15:35

What are the replacement cartridges (not just the stylus) that are currently available for the Philips AF-829 turntable. Thank you.


Karen2008-09-14 15:35

It all depends on the type of headshell that you have on your desk. There are two types: one made exclusively for Philips cartridges (has two holes on it and it fits those cartridges perfectly, no need for cartridge alignment, overhang alignment etc.) The other type is an universal one and with this one you can fit almost any cartridge. I have both and I use the cheapest Philips cartridge GP-400 on Philips headshell, and on the universal one I tried various types and have been the happiest with Stanton 680 EE. The thing is, you have to choose a cartridge with a lower compliance, because your (and mine) turntable has a slightly heavier arm. But as for me, you can fit almost any moving magnet cartridge you can get your hands on. Philips no longer produces cartridges but you can stumble upon them on ebay from time to time. Hope I helped.

Chris Wall2011-05-30 15:19

I've had my Philips AF-829 since early in 1981. I bought it for a steal at a hi-fi boutique's going-out-of-business sale in East Lansing, MI.

Anyhow, I've always run my AF-829 with Shure cartridges. First, the M97-xE, and now the M97-hE.

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