LAB-1600, Audio-Technica cartridge on this unit

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Sparky2006-10-21 18:21

Anyone know what type of cartridge - conical, elliptical - or a replacement stylus type?


Sparky2006-10-21 18:21

For Realistic Lab 1600 turntable cartridge,
Audio-Technica ATN-102EP replacement stylus
is sold by Radio Shack (may 9, \'09: $14.99 )
This is elliptical, tracking force 1.3 grams.

Other replacement needles / stylus for this are listed by eBay sellers (Needle Daddy, Carole\'s needles) as:
Pfanstiehl 212-DE, sold by several as replacement for the ATN-102EP above, and the following:
Pfanstiehl 4212-DE, Radio Shack RT1500, Hitachi DS-ST33,
and many more, for prices generally around $25, range $15 - 36.

Hrdwood2010-09-06 22:38

i've got an old realistic lab 2200 linear tracking tt on the bottom of my list of other tts that i am always working on. I thought maybe i would try tinkering with this old pos out of curiosity and start out with a cheap cart change, it is a p mount, what do you think would be a good reasonable (cheaper, of course) cartridge. thanks crl

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