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Jim Cadle2007-08-31 16:15

I\'ve recently purchased a second-hand SL-DL1 turntable. When I attempt to play a record the platter rotates, the cartridge lowers, but the playing arm will only play as far as its side-to-side, free-play permits and will not track further across the record. Knowing nothing about the arm-movement mechanism, I assume that either the arm is jammed on the tracking rod or the arm\'s drive-motor has packed up. Can you suggest what might be the cause of the problem and whether it may be easy/cheap to have it rectified or is an expensive disaster.


Fscl2009-05-11 05:23

Google Vinyl Engine. There are members who can help you there. Post to the Technics forum. I have a SL QL 1.

Good luck.


Alejandro Jakobowicz Debats2010-03-27 15:22

Hi, I have one SL-DL1 too, its an very good turntable, but the arm its sofisticated.
Please you can lubricate whit one light oil as singer machine oil. May be the mechanism is dirty.

All the best for you,

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