TD-224, Italian manuals

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Dario Borgia2011-04-08 21:37

I\'m Italian and, unfortunately, I don\'t speak English well.
I\'ve got a copy of FOLDER for TD 224.
I translated into Italian the owner\'s manual, the service manual and the folder. I have also put together the three texts in order to achieve a single more complete manual, always in Italian.
In addition, in this unique manual, each piece of TD 224 has a different color and these colors were also reported in the copies of the graphs. This makes it easier to understand the graphs from the text of the manual.
I am willing to send for free at least the complete manual translated in Italian, if anyone is interested in it.

Best regards, Dario


Steve Zeeuwe2011-04-08 21:39

Dear Dario,

As you can see I have moved your post to this forum.

We are very interesed in the manuals you are talking about.
Would you be willing to send them to us so we can add them to our database?

You can mail them to:

Kind regards,

Steve Zeeuwe
The Audio Circuit

Dario Borgia2011-04-12 19:51

Hello Steve,
thanks for reply.

I am newbie to sites like your and I am new to any forum.

I am ready to send the integrated manual translated, but I ask you to insert a warning:
non-professional job, no responsibility for the author !!

I have also completed the coloring of some parts on the attached graphs. Do You like to have these too?

Finally, I'd like someone to compare themselves in a forum on the restoration of 224 td, but I know that this does not depend on you.

I await your kind reply.
Friendliness, Dario

Steve Zeeuwe2011-04-13 08:31

Dear Dario,

I will make sure the warning will be enclosed. About the graphs: we are happy with every kind of information we can get, so they are more than welcome! As for the comparision I'm afraid I can't help you any further. I think the best thing you can do is place a new topic on the TD-224 page!

Kind regards,

Steve Zeeuwe

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