AC-3300, Audiocraft AC-3300

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Tommy Cheuk2011-10-08 06:11

Audiocraft AC-3300 & AC-4400 was available at 1984 and discontinued at 2006 , it's double point support oil damped designed, can change difference mass arm wand and difference weight sub weight (counterweight) to match difference compliance cartridges. Difference arm wand's models are: AP-1 (light), AP-2 (medium to high), AP-3 (high)and AP-300 'S' shape (high). Sub weights' (Counterweights): MW-41 (optional.
AC-3300 when new comes with light and standard sub weights, one arm wand is selected. Also AC-3300 comes with standard arm base or LB-250 light arm base (for spring suspension turntable system). Output cable model XTC-TP100 (1.0m) or XTC-TP150 (1.5m), damping oil model AO-30 (high density).
AP-300 'S' arm wand match with AS-12K universal typr tonearm headshell (Net wight 12 gram).


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