LA-224-B, Schematic needed

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Gerard Lichtenberg2004-02-27 02:01

I am looking for an electronic schema from the tube amplifier Lafayette 224B. Maybe you can help me, thanks.


Robert Warren2004-02-27 02:02

Hello, I found the schematic of the LA-224B at the following address:

If you have more information on this amplifier please let me know. I have a LA-224A since 1964 and I have enjoyed it for 40 years now. I lost my manual a long time ago. Best regards. Meilleures Salutations, Robert Warren

Ray2004-02-27 02:03

Tannenbaum is an american seller of tubes and manuals located in Pennsylvania, I believe they have it. Do a Google search on \'Tannenbaum and tubes\'

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