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Tom Seimet2005-12-20 05:10

i need schematics for a luxman r 361 but i have yet to find them available anywhere except someone who wants to charge 40 bucks for poor quality photo copies , im not going to go that route so a yahoo search brought me here , does anyone have this schematic and if you do can you send it to me , this system was my brothers and he passed away this year , i just want to revive it


Tom Seimet2005-12-20 05:10

Hi, Did you ever find your anser? Well, me neither sir! I am looking at grabbing an R361 and I cannot find any specs other then it is rated at 100 watts PC and is supposed to be audio file quality. I cannot find anything about it\'s features, connectivity, Harmonic Distortion etc, etc. If you have any features and specs I\'d love to here them thanks...rocker

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