Minuet in A, takes five hours to warm up

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Michael Katz2004-02-27 12:59

Hi, I was a very old friend of Harvey Rosenberg. He was the photographer at my wedding in 1975!!! I have NYAL equipment and need some help. Perhaps you know what I should do.

I need repairs on a NYAL ”Minuet in A” pre amp that takes about 5 hours to warm up before I can use it with the Moscode amp. I don\'t know anything about how the stuff works, only that Harvey set me up with all this good stuff and a pair of great Forier speakers. He was a real good friend and we alI miss him alot. Any assistance would be appreciated. Michael Katz


Chris Barnhart2004-02-27 13:01

Steve Sank of the Champlain Valley Speaker Company can help with repairs and modifications. Also George Kaye does repairs and mods.

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