MASTER TECH FOR CV VINTAGE AMPS TOM-7067, Buying a vintage Cerwin vega

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Paul K2013-03-07 07:02

When buying a vintage Cerwin Vega look at the parts inside the Amp they all can be replaced with something close to the parts that need replacement. We would love to keep our vintage power amps
and working on them gives us somthing to do.
I have known Cerwin Vega power amps for years to be great audio equiment and long lasting we can
see that they are very well made.
I think that in the audio world we forget the good old stuff and replace it with the new junk
that may look good but sounds bad with the vintage audio you know what you have with the new audio
you will never know what you will get.


Audioking32013-05-16 07:28

Cerwin Vega of the late days are the best audio in the world the sound coming from them is great and no other amp comes close to it.
When looking for a vintage unit make sure you find a vintage Cerwin Vega power amp
you will be happy you did.....

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