AP-900-A, repair AUDCOM synn AP-900-A

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Poidevin2016-04-19 16:55

Good Morning
I send this mail from North of France (near LILLE) ,Friends have a vaccuum tube Amplifier SYNN AP900 on break down,as i am an ancient electricity ingeneer (actually on retirement),they brought me their amplifier for repair.
Coud you send me,if it is possible for you me by mail,(or say me if you have a company in France or Europe) the notice about this amplifier ,and the location of the valves 12AX7A and 6N1.For your information I have already drawn the electric scheme.the electronic card is referenced AUDCOM AP 900A-3B REV B 2000-2-16.
It seems 2 lamps are inverted the12AX7A (TB2)and one 6N1(TB1) on each channel (Left and Right).,because the heater of the 12AX7A is supplied by 6,3V AC and the heater of the 6N1 DC by 6,3V DC built from the supply AC from the transformer (14V AC convert in DC with diode and capacity and 3 resistance 12 Ohm in parrallel) this supply was in break down,in the past and my friends brought their amplifier to an electronic company in France,certainly it is the reason for they weld three resistance 12 Ohms in parrallel for obtain 6,3V DC from the 17V DC expected for supply the heater of the 12AX7A in 12,6V DC.
Excuse me for explain you,all these details.
THank you very much
My best regards


Camille 2017-10-04 17:24

Bonjour. J ai. Peut etre mal compris votre maill , probablement avez vous aussi un probleme avec. Votre amplis. Synn. 900 J ai egalement un probleme avec. Le Mien. Je cherche un schema. Vous pouvez me contacter. camillehayen@hotmail.com. Merci

Camille 2017-10-20 09:16

Bonjour je cherche schema Synn ap900. Amplis tubes. Qq un peut svp m aider a en trouver un. Je vous remercie

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