, How to apply HT gradually in a valve amplifier?

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Luna5 Lin2017-01-20 08:17

For valve amplifiers, it is said, that applying anode voltage before the valve is heated reduces lifetime and can have other negative effects on circuit lifetime.

To avoid this, I want to add a thermistor(http://www.kynix.com/Product/Cate/731.html) to the HT voltage line, so the valve has time to heat, and the HT is applied in a more controlled manner.

Based on what parameters of my circuit should I choose a thermistor? Or what else should I use to "delay" the HT voltage?

Currently I am using a manual switch, which is good for standby mode, but I'd prefer to have something, that doesn't rely on the human factor.

In the past this was solved by using tube rectifiers, so they would need time to heat up too, but I want to use solid-state rectification, so that is not an option.


Luna5 Lin2017-01-20 08:18

http://www.kynix.com/Product/Cate/731.html choose from here.

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