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A.R.T. web site (June 2009): All Hi- fi systems as we currently know them, share certain fundamental traits regardless of their stature: They require a source. The information from that source must be amplified somewhere along the chain to be acceptable to luodspeakers. All of the parts must be joined. All of these parts have physical substance and exist in space. At least one of these components (the loudspeaker) moust occupy the same space in which the music is heard.

Every one of these components and the individual parts they are comprised of will be acted upon by physical vibration, electromagnetic fields including those generated within the component itself, by associated equipment, by those already present in buldings, and by Ultra High Frequency Digital Pulses.

If all components are acted upon by these same forces, then the sonic consequences must be similar for all. If a method existed whereby we could totally isolate the components from physical and eletromagnetic impact and prevent loss at interfaces and through connecting wires, we could assume that the sonic consequences of this isolation and loss prevention would also be similar for all systems.There are foru major types of treatment that could be applied to currently existing equipment:

If such methodology existed and functioned perfectly, we could assume that system colorations yould now be due solely to the character of the components themseves. If cables existed that could deliver close to one hundred percent of the signal from point A to point B, we would not be able to characterize them as filters.

What kind of sonic similarities would various so treated display ?- Rich inner harmonic detail. If there is no loss of signal we would hear the maximum that the source, amp, and speakers are capable of providing.

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