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  • Audio Dynamics Corporation
  • New Milford CT, USA
  • Official website
  • +1 954 938 9889
  • +1 954 938 9663


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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Barry White(July 6, 2003): Audio Dynamic Corporation (ADC) was a manufacturer of very high performances magnetic phono cartridges.

James Duly(May 23, 2005): ADC is an American company originally named Audio Dynamics Corporation and is best know for inventing the low mass MM pickup cartridge although it later had a range of hi-fi separates and semipro products. Still makes patch bays for pro audio use, those are distributed by Whirlwind.

Frankie Spencer (November 28, 2009): Audio Dynamics Corporation of New York is not the same company as Audio Development Company Telecommunications.

brian (May 26, 2010): Note that this is not the same company that makes data comm. equipment. The company at is unrelated to the one that made phono cartridges and CD players. Originally they made hearing aides and test equipment. Currently they provide equipment for telcos. Not the same company at all; different logo even.

S. Allen (October 24, 2010): The current data/telco equipment company ADC is the same company that in the past manufactured MM cartridges and other audio related products. The logo was changed to represent the change in corporate focus.

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