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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Tape Decks

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TAC (November 14, 2010): ADS stands for Analog & Digital Systems. In the history of the brand it has been known under several names:


The brand started out as BRAUN/ARIA and later ADs/BRAUN. The first logo was ADs. It coincided with the Braun drivers used in the early designs. They also used Acron drivers in the 1st generation L200 called just the 200. All this occured prior to 1977.


The second logo is the classic ADS used exclusively until around 1990. This logo was shown both within & without a boxed perimeter. This period encompasses all the classic "L" designs from New England speaker standard, wood boxes & cloth grilles up to furniture grade veneers & formed metal grilles.


From 1990 up to late 1993 it was a/d/s/. This was the drift period & introduced plastic cabinets (CM) & abyssmal towers (M). Very few bookshelves (B7/B8/L7e/L8e/L9e) were made & the 2-ways were the best of those.


From 1994 on it is ADST. The company name ADST was terminated as of the acquisition of the company by DEI (circa 2001).

The Robot Underground (November 5, 2004): All a/d/s/ (aka Braun) speaker repair can be done by my good friend Rom So at Rom was an outsourced recone specialist and a loudspeaker R&D engineer for ADST for over 12 years. He has virtually all the original a/d/s/ parts for both old and new drivers that carried the a/d/s/ brand name. He's from Cambodia and still has trouble with lots of questions online so I'm starting to take over for him when dealing with the public and sales.. Leaving him to just build repair speakers. Please contact me, Patrick at or Rom at

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