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  • ASTER s.r.o.
  • Mramorova 4, 821 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
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  • +42 1903 700 870
  • +42 1905 700 870


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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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Acon Professional web site (August 20, 2011):

Welcome to the realm of the sonic perfection. ACON professional, that means High End audio-technology designed for the true lovers of a pure sound. Most people still believe that the more shocking the measured or presented rates are the better is also the sound.

We see it another way...

By every our product the main point is made out of the sound, its purity, fidelity and localisation. The functionality and the reliability as well as the pleasant design are natural to each and every produced item. Our customers are music connoisseurs swith a sense not only for the musical but also for the visual aesthetics. They expect that their device will serve them long years and won't leave any of their wishes unfulfilled.

The ASTER s.r.o. company is exclusive commercial representation of the ACON professional brand in Slovakia

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