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General information[contribute]

The Acoustat 1 plus 1 is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Mk-121 series. It was manufactured from 1984 to 1990.

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Alternate names[contribute]



1+1, refurbishing project (by Ted Williams)
1+1, medallion interface refurbishing project (by Drew Dunn)


1+1, redesign project (by Ted Williams)
Izzy Wizzy Audio Nice project on metal frames for 1+1 and other Acoustat stuff


Ronald van Oort (April 13, 2005): We own a couple of Acoustat 1+1 since 1988, bought new. The speakers have been used for many years with the Harman and Kardon PM665 amplifier. The equipment is used very extensively, so the PM665 almost passed away in 2004 after being used since 1985. The Acoustats are still in almost mint condition. Sound of the Acoustats has always been very good with the Harman, especially on voices, acoustic guitar and brass. The only real thing was lacking a bit in the bass department. Fortunate surround sound is hot, making nice subwoofers easily available, just as interesting new AV-receievers and amplifiers. The only real problem is finding a very stable amplifier because the 1+1's are not easy. After carefull thinking, reading and counting coins a Marantz SR9200 receiver was acquired. The Acoustats were no problem at all for the Marantz. The receiver only gets mildly warm, even when playing real loud. The quality of the sound is as good as one can get, only limited by the acoustics of the living room (about 45 square meters, unfortunate with tiles on the floor). Huge sound stage, very good, natural sound. At least once a week it happens that one is thinking "some one is at the door, or quit the children are crying" but no it is the truly natural sound of the speakers.

Bass is performed with the Rell Strata 5 subwoofer. Excellent subwoofer, easily adjustable with a remote control, blending in nicely with the Acoustats. At this moment only one sub is used, but very probaly a second one will make it all even more nice. As rear speakers B&W DM14 is used, but only for watching DVD's, not for listening to music. Listening music is done in pure direct mode or stereo mode, depending wether one wants to use the bass management of the receiver or not. The sound quality of DVD's is not very good, rather metallic, compressed. The Acoustats let one hear this very clear.

Andre Sevigny (December 2, 2008): Hi, as an Acoustat user for more than 20 years I have owned 1+1's, 2+2's, Spectra 22's and 33's. Due to a move in a smaller condo I am back with a pair of 1+1's and dollar for dollar I don't think that you can get more than that musicaly. You do need a good amplifier, but this will give you the most out of your panels. They do love current Classe DR3-VHC 45X2 watts pure class A. It does a very nice job at a reasonable volume, and matched with a good tube preamp it's even better. I am 63 years young and I think that these Acoustats will be my last speakers because to get better would cost me a lot more money than I can afford. I may be difficult, but all cone speakers that I like are 2 to 3 times more expensive than my Acoustats.

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