Acoustat Spectra 66

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General information[contribute]

The Acoustat Spectra 66 is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Spectra full range series. It was manufactured from 1989 to 1989. In 1989 its price was $5500.

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richard kline (December 23, 2007):Interfaces tweaked by Roy at "Sounds Like New," but I'm not sure what he did.


richard kline (December 23, 2007):I have owned these speakers for about 3 years, powering them with a succession of amplifiers. They finally came to life with CAT JL-3'S. I will probably keep them as my reference speaker forever, unless I ever get around to my "ultimate project," which is building 2 pairs of Monitor 3's into a single monster pair of "Monitor 6's."

MrAcoustat (March 6, 2015): 6600 are great 8800 are even better

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